How To Clean A Dust Clogged Air Purifier Filter

How To Clean A Dust Clogged Air Purifier Filter

The Viomi Air Purifier has been designed to provide you with clean air anytime, anywhere. The patented filter and purifying system quickly removes dust, bacteria, and allergens from the air to leave your home fresh and healthy.

VIOMI Air Purifier has four-stage filtration that allows for comprehensive air purification. The first layer is a 40 mesh nylon woven filter designed to trap larger solids. Then the HEPA filter with cleansing silver and copper ions provides effective protection against microbes. Another active carbon coating filters all harmful smog particles. Final filtration takes place with the help of UV light, which inactivates other bacteria and viruses and increases the disinfection efficiency up to 99.9%. Despite its small size, this premium air purifier easily provides full filtration in rooms up to 60 m². Thanks to the appropriate circulation, the device will quickly and effectively clean the air even in the entire apartment, it is enough to leave the doors in the rooms open. During operation, the device releases strong anions thanks to ionization, effectively removes toxic gases, prevents re-contamination and leaves the air fresh and clean. The lack of the possibility of secondary pollution allows for much longer operation without the need to replace the filters, which makes the purifier cheaper to operate.

How To Clean A Dust Clogged Air Purifier Filter
To ensure your filter stays clean, it’s important to clean it often. As the air purifier filters out dust and particles, they will build up on the filter. These layers of dust can reduce the air flow by as much as 50%. To avoid this from happening, you need to periodically clean your filter. The Viomi Air Purifier is designed to be easy to maintain. All you have to do is remove the filters from the unit and wipe them with a damp cloth. Occasionally, you may need to use soap or water with a brush to scrub any stubborn dirt off of the filter. Make sure you dry the filter completely before reinserting it into your Air Purifier – moist filters can grow mold when left in humid environments for long periods of time.

How to Change the Filters
To keep your air purifier working at its best, it’s important to regularly change the filter. The Viomi Air Purifier filter lasts for six months and then needs to be replaced.

1. Turn off your Viomi Air Purifier and unplug it from the wall outlet.
2. Carefully remove the filter from the back of the unit by pulling it upwards
3. Unwrap the new filter from its packaging and place it over the empty space in the back of the unit with a little overlap
4. Firmly press down on both sides of the filter until you hear a click

What Else Can You Do?
The Viomi Air Purifier is an easy, efficient and clean way to get rid of dust in your home.
If you want to help the filter last longer, there are a few other things that you can do:
– Unplug the machine before you change the filter.
– When changing the filter, wear protective gloves.
– Put the new filter over your hands and try not to touch any part of it with your fingers.
– Wrap the top of the filter in a paper towel and use a pair of scissors to cut off any excess paper towel if necessary.
– Place the new filter back onto the machine with care and make sure it’s firmly seated before plugging it back in.

Why are some filters more expensive than others?
Some filters are more expensive than others because they require a bit more upkeep.
Different air purifiers have different filter types. The most common filter type is activated charcoal, but some may also use HEPA or electrostatic to attract and capture the dust particles. Activated charcoal filters are usually the most affordable and easiest to replace, but they also need to be replaced every month or so depending on your usage. HEPA filters are slightly higher in cost but last up to three years before needing replacement. Electrostatic filters can last up to five years before having to be replaced.
It’s important to keep your air purifier working properly by replacing the filter as needed. If you fail to do so, your air quality will deteriorate and can lead to sicknesses such as allergies, asthma, and even cancer!

A clean filter is a happy filter. If you have an air purifier and the filter needs to be replaced, make sure you clean it first. A dirty filter will make your purifier less efficient and may also cause allergies or other respiratory problems.
When you are changing the filters, don’t forget to clean the pre-filter. It is usually located inside the machine and will catch any large debris before it enters the air purifier. If you have a HEPA filter, make sure to get rid of any dust or pet hair that may be attracted to the fibers.
The cost of a filter depends on how often it needs to be replaced, how long you need it for, and the material it is made from. Some filters will last for months, while others may need to be replaced every week.

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