This Versatile Robot Vacuum Mops Floors Too

This Versatile Robot Vacuum Mops Floors Too

Viomi Robot Vacuum SE is a prototype of the next generation of vacuum cleaners. The device is able to detect what type of floor it is on and adjusts its suction power accordingly. If the floor is carpeted, the vacuum will be more powerful in order to suck in more dust. If it detects that it is on a hardwood floor, its suction power will be reduced to protect the surface from scratches.

The Viomi Robot Vacuum SE also has quality sensors that know when it gets close to an edge or obstacle. This way, there’s no need for you to worry about accidentally running into walls or furniture while you are using this robot vacuum cleaner!

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum

So why would you want a robot vacuum? First of all, because you’re sick of vacuuming your floor, and it’s far more time-efficient than vacuuming manually. Secondly, because you don’t have to spend money on an expensive robot vacuum. In fact, you can get an excellent robot vacuum for as little as $70. Lastly, this way, you get the best of both worlds: using a vacuum in order to clean your floor, and saving money by buying a second product which will provide you with the same service.

The Xiaomi Viomi Robot Vacuum SE has many other interesting features. For example, it can follow an arc path around your home, go from corner to corner, and it has four cleaning modes: Basic Cleaning Mode, Pick Up Air Micro Flow Mode, Anti-Surface Cleaning Mode and Auto Run Mode.

What Is the Viomi SE?
With a 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 chip and SLAM algorithm, Viomi SE can provide real-time mapping and routing, making operation faster while delivering more powerful performance. Variable suction strength that can be controlled from the Xiaomi Mi Home app. The Japan-made Nidec brushless motor with high power and powerful performance, to thoroughly clean the room without any dead spots. The air blower upgraded the rotate speed up to 15000 r/min to improve cleaning efficiency. Cleans your entire house in one go, up to 2150sqft. Got a bigger house? No worries, with the recharge and resume function, your SE will get back to work right where it left off. South Korea’s Samsung lithium-ion battery has upgraded the battery life by 20%, which can be used for 120 minutes at a time.

What are the Benefits of Using the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE?

This smart robot vacuum is very easy to use. All you need to do is place the device on the floor, place a remote in your hand and push the power button on the top. When the light turns green, the vacuum cleaner will start vacuuming. It can even stop the suction by itself if you need to step away from the vacuum cleaner.

Apart from this, you can also use the remote to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off as well as set its cleaning schedule. This way, you are able to clean the areas of your home at a particular time, or when you want to vacuum the area, you can simply press the start button and let the vacuum cleaner do the job for you!

This cheap robot vacuum is a stylish device that not only looks cool but is also extremely easy to clean.


If you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner, then this Viomi robot vacuum cleaner may be just what you need. It has all the characteristics and features that you look for in a robot vacuum cleaner. The design is stylish and the fact that the device is pet-friendly makes it a great choice for your home as well!

Amazon is selling the Viomi Robot Vacuum SE for just $159.99. That’s quite a great deal, considering that other comparable devices cost thousands of dollars!

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